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July 1, 1943.

Dear Mom:

I received your letter but I was very busy so I’m sorry I’ve not written? Please send the films. How are you and is Joe doing anything doing this summer? HOw is Uncle Joe? Been so busy that I haven’t written to anybody for about a week. I received your card that I’m suppose to send out? Who is Patrick, Dad know him?

This Monday we were out on the “Rifle Range” and it was just like being on manuvers? We had to pack all the stuff we had and carry on our backs. We slept in tents, ate out of our Mess Kits. I haven’t wash or shaved for 2 days. We were in trucks also? We shot those big Rifles and I can help saying it was a very exciting experience? Well it finally happened it was “Pay Day” today! I drew $29.61 and boy they can’t say I didn’t work for it? It was all new bills. I’m trying my best to save it all. I hear it only cost about $40 to come to Youngstown. Our training is mostly all over. We are gong to start on the Anti-Aircraft Guns now! Tell Pa I received his letter and was very glad to receive it especially from him. I sure do miss home, Mom! Well till next time, all my love and pray for me! I think your praying is helping me to get along here, I like even though they work a little hard.


Your Son


P.S. Happy 4th ofJuly! Please sent stamps “air mail”

If I don’t write, don’t worry. If something happens to me I'll write or send a telegram. I’m fine now?

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