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July 1, 1943.

Dearest Ranny;

I received your letter + thought it was wonderful. You can really write interesting letters. A lot better than mine anyhow. Well how are you+ how is that big bad army treating little you. I’ll promise you that date (if I can get out). I quit my job because I didn’t like the hours -- you know 3:30 to 12. They weren’t going to charge me. But about writing more often. I’d love to have you write more often. I like very much to get letters from you and that few that I’m writing to. The other day I got a letter from Harry + I still haven’t answered it. I never have time. I wonder what he thinks of me. I don’t understand what you say about Jenny. Whether it is or isn’t getting serious let her know.

But then I guess that none of my business. You know the real reason I didn’t come to the station was because of Jenny. I didn’t think she’d like it. About the fellows that your going around with. None of them are Greeks are they. If so tell them to write to me. Well the people that I visit in Cleveland are Chongri’s on 111th St., Spereros on 73rd St., Vivipos on 86th St. and Logozos on 75th St. These are all the last names. The address are all on the East side. I’m sending you a snapshot of my self + my kitten. The kitten looks a lot better than me. It’s a really terrible picture so don’t you dare show it to anyone. I look like a tub in it + a lot of other things. So please don’t show it to anyone. I’m anxiously waiting for a picture of you. And it better be nice + big. Thanks an awful lot for the ensignia. It was really swell. BUt I’m still waiting for the ring. I hope you can read this letter a little better but I think you’ll have some trouble with it. I just can’t write any better. So forgive me (please). The last couple of days it’s been very cold down here + I can’t go swimming or anywhere. I hope it gets hot by the 4th of July so I can go swimming. I just got a new 2 piece bathing suit. I sw Horace Hedid the toher night. He was some of all right. Have you ever seen him? What do you do down there for all the good steps you know. What group are you in. Your not going to school to be anything are you? Are you just a plain soldier or something else. You’ll have to forgive me for spoiling the picture. I thought I’d paint it blue and then changed my mind. I promise I’ll send a better one.I don’t have any others. Well I’m all ready for bed so I’ll have to close now. Goodnight sleep tight etc.

All my love,




Means Write with a Proper Sealed with a Kiss I Love the Person that Opens this (I mean it)

P.P.S. My Mom + Dad don’t want to have anything to with my brother + his wife

Goodbye For now + write very soon


( Outside card reads: To My Boy-Friend in the Army...This Ain’t No Military “Map”,

Inside card reads: It’s only mine... but Gee...I hope you’ll want to keep the thing to make you think of me! P.S. - And here is hoping it will help remind you, too, how much I wish you luck, because I think so much of you!

Note: I started to paint it blue and decided against it. So I stopped it. I’ll send you a better one.)

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