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January 31, 1919.

Dear Mother

Received your letter last night, also one from Beth. It was the first letter I’d had from you in quite a long time. I told Beth in my last letter that I’d received the xmas package. Was very much pleased with everything in it.

Well I am still in Luxembourg and don’t know when I’ll leave or where I’ll go, wether Germany or home. Hope it’s home though! I’ve seen about all of this country that I care to. I was hoping to get a pass to Rome, Italy but I was told tonight that only a very few can go at one time and of course those with relatives there will get the first chance so I don’t suppose I’ll have much chance of going.

We are having pretty decent weather here now only a little snow once in a while. It is pretty cold but it’s much better than mud and rain.

I haven’t seen any of the boys from home here yet. We were quite a ways from the 91st Div in the Argonne fight so of course I didn’t get a chance to see Paul. I read in the paper the other day that the 91st Div was going back so I suppose he will beat me home. So Johnnie Goran has been in Havre all the time. We stopped there a few days on our way over here. Wish I had known he was there and what outfit he was in and I might have been able to look him up.

We have been rather busy lately. We are overhauling all the guns of the whole dvision. I am still driving a truck though we don’t have a great deal of driving to do.

I have a few cards I will send with this letter. I tried to get some pictures of this town but they were all sold out. I have only one that I got quite a while ago.

Well Ma there’s nothing more I can think of to write so I will close now. Write soon and tell me all the news.

With love


Wagner Walter Bushnell

5th M.O.R.S.


American E.F.

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