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January 3, 1923.

My dearest Jack, 

I scarcely know where to start. Your letter describing your Xmas was certainly lovely – you are rightly thoughtful and the folks were kind to remember you so. Have you heard from the Post? It went in before Xmas. 

Today I went to see Mr. Wayne R. Parmer for Aunt Elise, she wanted him for camp but he goes to W. of P. in the summer but would love the camp proposition. He said he had Xmas greeting from you. 

Papa, Herman and I went to the Wilson’s reception and had a lovely time- there is just one incident I must tell you. 

When Aunt Sue + I were girls among our friends was a girl Mary Anderson - a cuz of Lil Irwin’s and a relative of Grandma Anderson. She married a man named Brower of Phoenixville and for some reason was separated from him. She has one son 17 years old. Well she was at the reception - came down the steps with two lads and stopped to talk to me. The boys had passed me when she told me one of the was Joe  [unreadable] who is in Wash D.C. at Prep school and in May goes to Annapolis Naval Academy. Later when they were all in the dining room I joined them, to ask how the folks were, when Mr. Wilson came over to ask for you which brought up the subject of Florida. Mrs. Brower asked where you were and when I told her your stops going across Florida she said that, two years ago, she and her son Everett and her aged Aunt Miss Anderson, had covered that same route stopping at Orlando some time. I think she said at Hotel Keystone. Then she said to her son “Wasn't it the Lakeland school that the boy we met from New Jersey attended?” I asked the name of that certain boy and it was Hubbard Parkhurst!

They stopped for one week at this hotel in Orlando while the Parkhurst family were there. Mrs Brower said the P. family might not remember but they likely would remember Everett who is 17 and her aunt, Miss Anderson. Mrs. B is the sweetest girl but shows that she has been through some trouble. She spoke so nicely of the Parkhursts - who would help? - and remembered Mrs P. as being so pretty. 

What do you think of their knowing each other? Her son seemed like a fine lad and Joe D. (your cuz), and he are quite friends. 

By the way Cousins Hosea and Mary Mores are in St. Petersburg and and I would like you to call on them when you have time. They are lovely and kind and I know would appreciate being looked up. You know they have one son Joe – a Dr. in New York – he is just my ages so ask for him. Is your [unreadable] Convention over yet? You must have been busy - How was Joan of Arc? Does not Hub sing tenor? Then you could not be together. 

Jack, I am returning Mrs. P’s check as those gloves you got were for Papa and he was delighted with them and appreciates you wanting to get him the cigars but thinks you must be able to find use for the money. Besides he said, in fun, that Herb Matsinger gave him a box of cigars that almost cured him of the habit. While I know these would be fine. I think you had better slip this in your checking fund. Am closing cards which came. 

Love from all


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