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January 26, 1923.

My dearest Jack, 

Well yesterday was a wonderful day for me. In the morning I received your letter written Sunday and containing all the interesting news about your lessons and “Pinafore”. This was received on my way into W.of P. where I attended one of Dr. Lightner Witmer’s psychology classes. 

In the afternoon I went to get Herman books so that when he goes back to school Monday he will be prepared. Miss Storey said she had wanted to talk to me about Herman’s skipping into 6th grade. She thinks him quite able do to the work and as she had Billy Giltrine in 6th on trial since Herman was away from school she wanted to offer Herman some opportunity. Billy is a year older than Herman but she said if anything Herman was a stronger student. Do not write and congratulate him yet for I am still considering - you see he would be just twelve when he would enter High school and that is pretty young I think for the subjects but the teachers say he could undoubtedly do it all. He is a bright little rascal and makes me fuss about it, does he? 

To complete my day, your letter written Monday came in too. Jack, you are a dear to try to pass the credit back to us - you deserve all the recognition you are getting on your own

These experiences you are having are very extraordinary and certainly show me the reason you were not to finish in ‘22. This was waiting round the corner for you. 

There could be nothing better offered to you in the line of training for citizenship than the experiences you are having. I am so happy I can scarcely contain myself. 

By the way you will wonder how I “beat you to it” going to Penn.

The little girl I am tutoring was taken in there Tuesday by her principal for an intelligence test in a psychology clinic (before a class who will be teachers). I learned the time of the test and discerned as usual that I had a “friend at court”. Miss Brooke who was so nice to you in 8th grade is private secretary to Dr. Witmer and she said when she found I was interested that she could take me into the clinic. I certainly went and I figured that they would have a quiz or lecture on the case later so when I asked Dr. W, he invited me to in that day too. The others never thought of following it up, but I wanted to see it through. I just love psychology and Dr. Witmer is a very noted and learned man. I certainly feel that it was a privilege. While I was spending all this time in the interest of some one else’s child, I never dreamed how very, very nicely my own child was being treated. I hope Mrs. Parkhurst knows that we realize that they have made it possible for you to have a wonderful year. 

Aunt Sue + H. have both been out. Never worry - I will tell you the truth always. 

Your loving 


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