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January 23, 1942.

Dearest Jennie,

I am still feeling a bit hot and hope you are too. I did get a lot of letters this week I would when I was on barracks and didn’t get time to answer them. You might not believe me but I got ten to answer some time this week yet. Sunday I guess if I get time. If not they will just have to wait. I must answer yours first so as to keep our promise to each other.

I sure got a kick out of reading Helen’s + Lizzie’s letters but they are going to be pretty hard to answer if you ask me. But I will try my best to please them. But I don’t think I can compare with them. I got a letter from Paul too the first one for a long time. So you see I must get busy with my writing.

You say Paul wants to join the Army, well you tell him not too. As a favor to me. If he does such a thing he should get his ass kicked. I don’t know yet if my transfer will go through yet so you can tell him I am trying my best to get in the Air corps as a machine gunner. So you better wish me luck so I can get in.

That sure was a bad trip for Paul wasn’t it. It cost him a lot of money and now he doesn’t have a car. Any way.

I am glad Nelson was up to see you. But I don’t see why Hazel didn’t come up. By the way I got letter from Hazel and she asked me why you don’t come over to see her. She told me to tell you to come over and see her. She sure like you. And she said that she hops you like her.

Wouldn’t that be bad is Harvey got drafted. But I don’t think he will.

You asked me if I knowed Paul Fredeneck’s from Fleetwood. I don’t think so. And I don’t believe he knows me either cause I don’t run around with bums.

I don’t blame her for forelady for balling her out for quitting. Cause she quite plenty of times I would of did more that I would told her to get off at. I am glad Adolph is buying some bond. And I think it is in Parcel place to help him out.

Yes darling I got all your letters. Boy does that burn me up about that notice from the Insurance. If that is the way they feel about it. They can go to Hell. Cause I refuse to pay them any more. And you can tell them so. The son’s of bitches put you in the army for a few cents a month and then they want to push you right away if you owe them a cent. Well don’t pay them any more. The hell with them all. Cash in what you can and burn the rest.

Well I must close,

Sending you all my love + Jane x

P.F.C. Epler

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