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August 17, 1942.

Dearest Jennie,

Darling just a few lines to let you know that we are confined again. So you don’t worry why I don’t write. As you know when we are confined we are not allowed to write or phone anyone. So don’t worry as I will write just as soon as we are allowed. But that won’t stop you from writing me. I will look for your letters and don’t disappoint me.

Boy I sure am glad that you came down this week end. At least I had a chance come home cause who knows when I will get a chance to come home again. I had a good time and something to refresh my memory of you and Janet. Cause I want to keep you all in mind.

There really isn’t much to write about expect that I am still in charge of quarters. I did so well at this job that they won’t let me out any more. I wanted to get out this morning. But no soap. So I will just have to stay and like it I suppose.

Well darling how did you get home last night. Alright I hope cause it had me a bit worried. I never feel right till I know for sure that you are alright. So let me know about your trip home as soon as possible.

I am feeling alright and hope this letter finds you all the same.

Well darling I guess I must close as there is nothing to write about. You know how it is we talked about everything yesterday.

Except that I love you. You know darling the more I see of you the more I want to see you. I just ain’t satisfied no more unless I can see you every week. I don’t know why but I guess my love is getting stronger for you all the time. Thats kind of swell but that’s a fact. It usually the different way around ain’t it.

Well darling you still love pappy. I hope you do. As I do you.

Well I must close,

Sending all my love to my loving wife + daughter. From your loving husband.

Always Carl

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