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January 10, 1942.

Dearest Jennie,

I received your letters and boy was I sure glad to hear from you. Boy when I get word from you I feel like a different man. No fooling. I now am happy again. Just a crazy idea of mine I guess. But it’s true.

So you didn’t like my one letter I sent you. I am very sorry that I did such a thing. But I wasn’t feeling good. Beside they had me on guard and then no word from you. Well you know how it is. When you think that the whole world is against you. I know that I had promised before not to send you such kinds of letters. But really I am sorry. But I won’t promise no more. That I won’t send you such letters. Cause I don’t want to have to promise again. But I will try best not to do such a thing again. And I also want to thank you darling for forgiving me cause I know how it must have hurt your feelings now. But at the time I wrote it I didn’t care what I wrote and I sure was very sorry since. It hurt my pride also. When I think of how I hurt you. Just because I let my temper get the best of me but you know how I am. You know that I have a bad temper once I get riled up or angry. But gee honey that is my nature and I guess I will be that way till I die cause I just can’t control myself when I get mad. So if anytime I just don’t say no mind to it. Let it go in one ear and out the other. And I am sure we will get along good. I didn’t realize you might of been sick and boy how I hate to hear that. Boy if anything should happen to you I would go crazy.

Listen darling why don’t you go to the doctor and see what is wrong with you. By the way talking about sickness did you come around alright you know when I was home on furlough you didn’t mention nothing to me about it and I am sort of worried. I think that every thing is alright. But I want to know for sure. I am still sort of sick. I have a terrible headache right now. But I guess I will be alright by tomorrow.

I am glad you got the record and also that you like it. So the kids didn’t believe it was me. Well it sure is. I know my voice sounds different cause I heard it myself. But that is the way it is.

So you thought that I should of made a longer speech well I didn’t think you care to hear me talking so much. And also I didn’t want to take up so much of your time cause I know you are a busy woman and don’t have time for such kind of things. I was kind of scared when I made it. You know how it is when a big crowd is around. Beside I don’t like big crowds. But maybe I will get time to make another some time.

Oh so you are worried about how I treat the fellows when I was on guard. Could suppose I can take care of myself and if not it won’t be much lost. Especially when they treat you so cruel.

Well I am sorry that you have such cold weather and snow. But it’s cold down here too.

You didn’t tell me that you were getting a deco system. But I am glad to hear it. I guess it will be a big difference.

I am sorry Joe had to close his Barber shop and maybe it is best this way. That he is in Birdbox Steel mill now. So Chester Booker is a good boy. Well I think that is a bad thing. But I am sure he will be alright. Just give him time because he is just young yet. When he gets older hell he will change.

No darling I am not mad at you. So don’t you worry that pretty head of yours. Or you are liable to get sick for me. And lose weight and you know I don’t want that to happen to you my sweet. Cause you and the baby is all I live for. That is no fooling and I knew that you would forgive me. At least I thought you would I am glad to. Okay I hope I soon come home for my Bouisha. And I want it then.

Well darling it looks like we are going to leave this Camp next week some time. That is what the first segarnet told me today. He said that we should not be surprised if we leave next week and also we must give all our summer clothes in next week for heavy fur clothing. Even our woolen clothes we must give back. He said we are going north somewhere. But he didn’t know where. That is a military secret. I hope not and I ain’t sure now. Cause they may change it yet. So don’t worry about it yet.

Well good by my sweet. Sending all my love to my loving wife + daughter. From your loving husband.

Always your loving husband,

P.F.C. Carlyle M. Elper

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