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Jan 15, 1919.

St. Bliss, Texas

Dear Mother

I guess you’re beginning to think I’ve forgotten all about you. I’m so slow about writing. I have been in the hospital the last three weeks with the measels. Am just about well now though I guess it will be quite a while before I am out as they keep us here for quite a long time after we’re well. I wasn’t very sick though I had to stay in bed for about two weeks.

Just received a letter from Beth a minute ago with Ted’s picture. He looks pretty nifty doesn’t he? My company has gone on a forty day hike. I’m certainly glad I missed it. I would have to Camp Vail if I hadn’t been in the hospital. I passed the examination and they sent the ones who passed about a week ago. I don’t know whether or not they will send me when I get out. I believe though that this school here is just about as good as the one at Camp Vail.

How are Papa and Irve coming along with the oil business? I certainly hope they realize something from it. What part of Texas are they in, do you know?

We have had quite a little snow last week though it’s all melted now. The snow never stays long here.

Well ma, this is an awfully skinny letter but its the best I can do right now. Write soon, Walter

Co.B. 4th F.S.83

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