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Hacking the Handwriting.

Recently we went to the cinema to see the new film "Wicked Little Letters" in which -- in as non-spoilery a way as possible -- handwriting plays a key part. That got us thinking... Here at Flea Market Love Letters H.Q. we've spent almost seven years archiving over 600 vintage letters from 30 different series. We've had our fair share of 'hard to read' letters.

Whether it's penmanship, paper deterioration or -- insert shivers-- the dreaded pencil, if you're a regular reader you'll have seen our code "[unreadable]" appear before on particularly vexing illegible letters!

Today's your turn to play decoder. We'll share three letters and see if you can 'crack the handwriting code' about the message they contain. Simply click the button below to be taken to our transcription to test your skills!

Good luck, letter lovers!

P.S. In the instances where a letter is more than 1 page try your hand at the most visible page.

"Osborn" July 16, 1918:

"Miscellaneous" February 20:

"Ahern" May 7, 1945:

Get in Touch.

Let us know how you fared 'transcribing' these three letters! Send us an email at

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