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February 5, 1934.

Miskolc, February 5, 1934

A few girls did a not so bad joke on me the other day. I went ice-skating. There was a boy who started imitating me. Of course, I told this to my girlfriends. Then one of them said, 'He wants to court you, we will call the Pope.'

And immediately all the girls started cheering and making noises, animated by Panni. They didn’t mean it bad, but I got very upset. I took off my gloves and piff-paff where I hit they were not laughing any more. As they didn’t stop making fun of me, I turned around, took my skates and went home.

They followed me, saying, 'Girl, don’t be so boring, stay, you understand a joke, don’t you?' 'Fix laudon!' 'Enough now!' I thought to myself as the others didn’t stop following me. So I ran as fast as I could until I was out of sight and out of breath.

The following Sunday a children’s costume party will take place at the ice rink. I will dress up as an Indian (*Native American). Originally I wanted to dress up in riding gear, but my skates are attached to shoes, so I can’t. There is a boy at the ice rink who wants me to become his girlfriend. But I don’t want to, because he is a farmer’s son. He has already asked twice for my name and which grade I’m in, but I said nothing. Then he left grumbling.

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