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February 21, 1919.

Dearest Bess, –

I failed to write as much as I should this week as I was waiting to learn what my new address would be. As you notice my address was changed very little just added a “9”. At last they severed my relation with the E.H. #4. My move was a short one, just across town. #49 is a new organization that has just arrived in Germany. They have never set up a hospital so 99 other casuals and I were sent up here to assist them. I am thinking of old line again – X-Ray technician. 

I hated to leave the old crowd as I had been with them from the time they first went into action eight months ago. I had some very good friends among them and hated to be taken away just as they started home. The Casuals that I am with are a good bunch and several are old acquaintances from Camp Crane. We are a jolly bunch and have made up our minds to make the best of our fate. 

As for Stanley’s early return I am afraid to say for they may be facing a great disappointment. I was over to to see the Company last night and things did not look right as when I left them. They were to leave today but are being held up and no one knows for how long. It was all caused by a few. I failed to see Stanley but am sure he is worried still I always find him opportunistic. Am hoping that things will clear up and they will be premitted to go soon.

Last evening I indugled in a few hours of real American pleasure. My pal and I went to town and saw the “Y” movies, then took supper at a “Y” cafe, and attended the “Y” minstrels afterwards. All of this was between 5:30 and 9 oclock. 

I have failed to tel lyou of my Mick friend who has been with me often and on since I was in Paris. He was in the X-Ray schoool with me but I was not acqauinted with him. Later he came to #4 and we worked on the same team since he came to us. We are together now and will do the x0ray work for #49. I have learned to know him as a real pal. Wish that you could meet him. He knows you now almost as well as I. No other person knows just how much I like my Bess as he does. 

I act more foolish about you when away than when I am with you so you have some idea as to how foolish I am. Well it was about one year ago when I first started telling you people “good-bye”.  Do you remember? I hope that within another year I can begin saying “hello” so you see that [unreadable] also optimistic??? I knew that I would miss you at first but now I see where I would never get used to being away from you. You must surely get tired of waiting for me to return. Don’t you sometimes feel that your love for me has caused you more worry than pleasure? So long as you realize that I am not to blame it is alright. Some day we expect pleasures that will more than make us forget these few months of worry won’t we Bess?  

The other day I received some good kodaks from home. I surely enjoyed them. Sometimes when you write Ima ask her to send you some. We are allowed to send snapshots soon so I will have some taken soon as one of my friends has just bought a new camera.The folks at home surely like your letters and I know they will like you better. We will try them some day when the war is over. 

I failed to tell you that I have been offered a good proposition as a ranchman in Texas. It offers more money and opportunities than anything I know but I am not considering it so seriously since I promised to come to the East instead of having you go West. I would need to be a married man to hold down the place – think it over. Am also offered something very good on Long Island as an auto-salesman. The idea doesn’t appeal to me so much as being a partnerships over of a good ranch in the Lone Star State. These offers come from a friend I met once here who is a Milliarone buck-private.  Am not relying wholly upon the opportunities he offers me as he has more money than brains. He took a liking to me and stuck to me until his pull got him sent home soon after the Armistice was signed. We met some characters in this war. 

Bess, writing me often now as I will miss all the mail set to E.H. #4. I said that I would say no more in regards to my return. The organization is that I am now with the [unreadable] after the Armistice was signed so do not expect me before the very last. Yours with lots of love, Jess  

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