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February 1922.

Dearest Jack, 

Your letter about school work came today. I think both you and I need a little more time before we change plans which are so good that there should be everything farmable in new ones before [unreadable] time.  You are in Florida for the most good you can get including school but not school alone

Now I want you to write me when you get this telling me about the following: - 

1 Is St. P.U.S. a 3 yr course of a 4 yr course? Would your work hist, Solid gem, Chem, Miss Lyster Eng Cl. and Miss Bakers French book and 2 yr. French in class allow you to do all your work at school in the time study periods? Do they give as long and hard lessons as at L.? Do they make any allowances for the warmth? As it gets warmer (which it will) will you have as much as you can carry without being tired? How did you feel by Fri. of the first week? It sounds foolish I think starting trig I do not want you to weight yourself down with such a load that you will not have time to rest and play a little. You know while it would be nice to have a diploma from time it would only be recognized here and else where according to the work you have done. The other year will bring you that much more credit and preparation for your next step. Have you been weighed? We want you to get fine and strong and don’t get too strenuous about school. I would rather you would take it easier there and go out and do a few Florida stunts on the side only because of the water there might be something in that hospital plan which would make you [unreadable] return and all the being in the water would not repay you – you know water is your [unreadable] and just steer clear of it - at least till April so you will not spoil your trip. 

On what date does the H.S. close? Do I understand that to graduate there you would only have to take the rest of the year in gen chem + Hist. and their two classics? 

Why are you mentioning Trif + physics? 

I have found your Chem. Lab note book

Your hist note book

Protractor - compass tablet and filler paper. 

I found no ruler so buy the kind you need. 

Tomorrow on my way to club meeting I will stop at school and get First Prim. of Chem also other books of French. I will not send them until tomorrow or Wed. as there is no use in making two lots of them. 

Mrs. Brown reviews ‘The Wasted Generation’ by Own Johnson at the club tomorrow. By the way there were only eight about from her party (Dorothy’s I mean) - Ed B. was there - Jack Barle were not because of storm. I returned Mrs. call this eve. The baby is certainly cute – 8 months old and looks fine. Tomorrow eve I must read for the Birthday Club. A long day it will be! 

What do you think Jack? I am drawn to serve on the jury at Media! Aunt Lana called me up to ask what I would do with my money. I asked what money when she told me that both Fred and Edw G. had told her my name was in the papers as a firm and I believe there is a slight sum gain for that service. 

I do not went to discourage you about completing that course but I do not want you to be tired out instead of benefited by your trip, and I do not want you to be out of line for your next years work here and I do not think I want you to stay on there after the others come home. You answer my questions and tell me the results of your work so far – just try not doing what will fit in with all and if you must go slow on anything let it be the Eng classes as you could make them up most easily. 

With love from all 


We still could make up our minds either way but I think you will come to my way of thinking when you see what work [unreadable]. 

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