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February 12, 1920.

Ft. Bliss, Texas

Dear Mother

Will try to write you a few lines while I’ve got a little time before noon.

There is such a sandstorm blowing that I can hardly see when I step outside. This is the worst time of the year for sandstorms here. We wear goggles when we go out to drill.

I started to school again last Monday. They have moved the school to only about a quarter of a mile from here. We used to walk about two miles.

They have a battalion school every afternoon where they teach telegraphy and electricity.These schools are absolutely compsulory and no military duties can interfere with them. I am still taking electrical engineering. How is the “flu” in California now? They have quite a number of cases in El Paso and there are a few cases from this camp. It is said to be much milder than it was last year. We are not allowed to go in any theaters, dance halls, or any places where it is crowded. While the measles epidemic was on the battalion was quarantined and no one was allowed to leave the camp.

Has Ted still got that army overcoat that I left? If he doesn’t need it now I wish you would send it down to me. I lost mine and if I draw another one out I will have to pay for it and they cost $15. So if it wouldn’t be too much trouble I wish you would send it down.

Farming seems to be the rather uphill business doesn’t it especially on that little piece of ours. I think it would be better to rent it and move some place. Where the kids could work or go to school.

Here goes “chow” call so I will close.

Write some,


Co.B. 7th F.S.B.

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