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February 1, 1920.

Bristow, Ia.

Feb. 1, 1920

Dear Uffe + Jennie: -

Will write just a short letter today. Just to thank you for the photo. I never noticed your wild eyes but the first fault we saw was that you are standing so crooked but on a whole it is a very good picture. Mail man took my letter from the box + put yours back in. I guess you thot I was getting pretty wise vees. Meta is well again, I think, but she has been pretty sick. So many children have it around here. I believe they call it catarrh-fever. She had high fever and didn’t eat hardly anything for a week. Then they have such an awful cough but can’t say that they have a cold. Some nights I got up 10 or 15 times when she had to cough so much. Then she can’t sleep. It always woke her. Last night she had a fine sleep and it did her good. She got poor tho. Her arms + legs are so soft and flobby. Poor thing! One of Tybo’s kids it developed into bronchial pneumonia, but he is getting better. Flu is getting worse, what? Louie + Mame are quarantined. The neighbors do consolidation Thurs. Didn’t get it here. Saw by the Abington News that so many are sick with scarlet fever, pneumonia and 40 cases flu there. So Flossie is married too and Joahnna Dekker + Ben Tjabring. Also Jeanette is going to be married. Had a shower on her. Seems like most every body is lucky enuf to get showered except me + you what? What do we care! Husbands don’t shower on everybody. Wonder if one will shower down on Geelke over there in the west! Perhaps she’ll meet Mr. Right there. Am busy planning spring work already. Am going fin one room and hall + stairway and staircase. Going to paint the walls maybe soon so. Arius can help me. Also intend to katsmine pantry + washroom. No papering this spring. Have crocheted for 2 curtains already. Well, I don’t want o write a long letter so I’ll quit tho I could write a whole lost more. Come visit when you can and we’ll talk and talk. Come with the early train and go down with the 10 o’clock in the evening again.

As ever,


What are your neighbors names? Those you associate with close around there. Diddens have friends at start + I believe Kielman’s know people there. What is your landlady’s name?

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