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Favorite Found Letter Stories Pt. 2

In our first and second installments of the Favorite Found Letter Stories series we took a look at some wonderful stories of discovery, inspiration, and love. But the good news is, there's more! Join us today as we look at even more Found Letter Stories from around the world and interwebs. Enjoy!

Do you have a letter story you'd like to share? Send us an e-mail at We love to hear about all the treasures found in the nooks and crannies under beds and behind boxes in the hall closest.

"WWII Love Letters Reveal 3 Soliders Vying for Same Woman's Heart"

The children of a couple married for 55 years are treated to a peak behind the curtain of their parents World War II love story -- they know how it ended, but how did it begin? Click here to Read.

Photo: ABC News.

"Bloomington woman's letters describe amazing WWII trek"

Described by her son as "tenacious" and "gutsy", the late Della Fahey's story of World War II reads like the plot of a historical fiction novel we'd review here at Flea Market Love Letters. Click here to Read more about Australia, climbing the Sphinx, and the value of saving family letters.

Photo: Star Tribune.

"Marie Antoinette’s Letters to Her Dear Swedish Count, Now Uncensored"

We're used to talking about old letters here at Flea Market but this is an old old letter -- from the 18th Century! Doomed French Queen Marie Antoinette wrote her advisor and likely lover secret messages, coded and covered by letters which have stumped historians for 150 years but in 2021 X-Rays revealed notes long hidden. Click here to Read.

Photo: New York Times.

"'Absolutely stunned': Lost love letters, documents reunited with grateful family members"

When a granddaughter noticed her grandmother's handwriting on the news, a story of lost letters returning home got wings! If you love stories about found letters and photos returning home, this is one for you. Click here to Read.

Photo: CTV News Edmonton.

"World War Two mystery love letters to be auctioned"

While not all letter love stories have a happy ending, they're still special -- in this story we learn of a young Canadian and his sweetheart "Gipsy" who found connection through pen and paper in World War II. Click here to Read.

Photo: BBC News.

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