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Favorite Found Letter Stories.

Regular readers of the Flea Market Love Letters Newsletter will know that we like to feature one or two "found letter" stories there. Well, we've had such a treat looking for the stories that we thought you'd start to compile a compendium of sorts. So if you love found letters and the stories behind them, this is the post for you!

Do you have a letter story you'd like to share? Send us an e-mail at We love to hear about all the treasures found in the nooks and crannies under beds and behind boxes in the hall closest.

"Discovered Treasure Trove Shows That Danish Home Resident's Love Story Came True"

A good samaritan rescued a bin of found letters from an antique store. This is the story of how those letters came to be in the store, and how they were reunited with the writer. Click to Read.

Photo: Daily Herald.

"99 LoveLetters Reveal Intense Wartime Romance"

For readers of Flea Market who would like to read a letter series all in one go we recommend "My Darling: 99 Love Letters". In this collection of one couples WW2 letters, edited and published by their daughter Kathleen, you'll get a great idea of why vintage letters matter! Click below to watch the NBC 5 interview with Kathleen Kincano Nosek. Click to Watch.

Photo: NBC 5.

"Finding a dusty old box of wartime correspondence inspired Kasia Delgado to revive the lost art of handwritten letters..."

When writer Kasia Delgado discovered her grandparents wartime letters she discovered a latent passion for the handwritten letter. Click here to Read.

Photo: Kasia Delgado.

"‘Dearest Sweetheart’: The passion and poignancy of wartime love letters"

In this Washington Post profile of fellow found-letter collector, Andrew Carroll, the intimacy and poignancy of vintage letters as a historical medium is discussed. A must-read for any collector. Click here to Read.

Photo: Rob Hill.

"World War II Love Letters Saved From Dump"

Ever wondered how found letters end up "found"? In this fascinating piece from France, an environmentalist studying waste habits discovered an accidentally disposed series of WW2 letters from 1942 to 1945. Wonder what happened? Click here to Read.

Photo: Tennesse Tribune.

"Writer finds century-old diary hidden in old San Francisco home that reveals secrets of a lifelong love affair between two Danes and their move to America"

When a couple moved into their San Francisco home you can bet they weren't expecting to discover love letters secreted away. Thank goodness they understood the value of the find and set about researching the mystery of the Danish couple detailed in the letters. Click here to Read.

Photo: Daily Mail U.K.

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