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December 7, 1925.

Dearest Jack, 

You have very likely received our letters written yesterday. I hope in your new surroundings it will be easy to you to exercise your judgment – let no thing or nobody interfere with sleep - and etc. - you know what you are used to and be sure to get that much. We are so happy that you are away from that cold climate and you certainly know how to make arrangements satisfactory from every view point - leaving such a friendly family behind you and yet getting justice. I can’t quite realize you were fully reimbursed for your Ford top. Aren’t you glad you have it? 

The morning is in full sway. I hate to see the folks go but since they are going I will be glad when they confusion is in them I can sit down and think what next? I do not know whether to attempt to have any one rent their room this winter or spend the time getting it + other two 3rd stay [unreadable] ready for Sesquin over-nighters. When you write tell me what you think. Your ideas are always good. It seems a shame not to have letters - this big house can earn a little +if I can get a nice [unreadable] man with car - like Mr.Larry, I would not refuse it I would just like a breathing spell to ourselves without any real strangers but it will take a little while to get everything in shape. Wish we had this building in Florida. Be sure to tell us just how you like every thing and spare no expense to get what you need – food +[unreadable]. Weight yourself + keep that 154. It’s wonderful. Let me know how your [unreadable] holds out and after February 9 we can help you if you need it. You know me Dr’s visit would buy quite a little food and you [unreadable] you understand the laws of health so I feel safe about you. Enjoy this winter and believe me we will never be separated another winter - but it would have been foolish to spend all the money we would have had to this year with out income from the house - but I am planning to have that all arranged for another year. 

Your letters are so welcome -w rite every day or two for a little while - if only a card - so we can keep in touch with how you are. Am so anxious to see photos. It has not come yet. Be sure to go [unreadable] with Xmas plans - it sounded so good. Herman came home yesterday with 100 in Eng. A+ for an essay + A+ for Latin test. 

His first months marks were not so good but it takes a while to get a line in new things + I am really surprised he can do that well. He has stamp fever bad. Send him any you find.  

Are over to give Aunt H. a photo or keep them for you. They might take turns having one. 

Keep well and happy + so will we. Your Pa is so proud of you and your wisdom in knowing what to do to keep well. That is his prime thought for you. Herman had nice letter from Mr. Sonburn ordering subs. H. wrote him a smart little note.



Hope Papa is well again. Give him my love - also Montford.

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