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December 6, 1925.

Dearest Jack, 

I can write so much faster with pencil so will you excuse it for I want to write a lot. It was so good to have your answer to all those questions – I argue with you about driving all those miles yourself again. You have gotten all out of the trip you can, (and that is not much when your eyes + thoughts are on the road and can constantly, but it is wonderful how you managed as to time and safety) and it is certainly hard work! 

You do not know how glad I was to hear you were safe in St. Pete. That ten days I lived with my eye on calendar and finger on map and then when your letter came I carried map to attic – how quickly adjustments of thought are made. 

I thought the Millers were in Methodist church – isn’t that where we heard them at Easter time? 

You wrote your letter on front porch – are having severe winter – several inches of snow and 9 degrees. A young fellows card is in our garage with cycl. head cracked _ radiator frozen – he did have a gal. of alcohol – but cheap alcohol – 50 cents – and was not here to Fire. Co. Ent. and this is result. 

It caught many unprepared for that is very low temp for this early and it is mighty uncomfortable. 

You must have had fine time in Tampa. Are you getting some practice in Bridge – now I will tell you of a busy week’s doing and if you don’t care for such detail as I go into - tell me and I won’t offend again – but this was a busy week socially and nothing more of the kind in sight ahead so I will make the best of it to you and A.H. both. 

Dearest Helen + Jack, 

Last Fri. Herman went gunning and got one rabbit – we bought two + had Sue + Harry + [unreadable] here to rabbit supper – then Sue + Harry + B + Edward played Bridge + boys went home to stay with Mother D. Tues luncheon at club with two plays later by [unreadable] High Dramatic Club – will send clipping if there is acct. Virginia Michim had quite a part and you may know others. Mrs. Evans + nurse brought Maralla to hear the plays. 

She walks pretty well and enjoyed seeing her classmates –her first outing of any kind and just because it was so near. She stood – to very well altho I would have that too much to try yet. Mr.+ Mrs. Evans came for me in [unreadable] and with Mrs. Rhodes had a meeting at Mrs. [unreadable] to finish ByLaws. They said Maralla was no more tired than usual. She will have to wear glasses – her worst result of accident being practically no sight for left eye. 

Wednesday we went to the luncheon at Mary L. (Mr. Rubman took + brought me) A Bridge hands comes over Radio every Tues. eve about 10.30 and Sue + John L. had heard it none of the rest of us. I had had splendid lunch and last hand was playing with Mrarg. Lavina + Mrs. Meade against us. The (my) bid went to 3 spades. Laura dubbed + I redubbed and made 3 tricks totally 900 for the 4 hands at that table. It appears Work. did something similar to that just the night before on Radio according to John L. + Sue. 

At Elma’s Fri. eve Rae B. + I made 1052 on 4 hands – no doubles – slams + [unreadable] 

I won first at Marg’s [unreadable] very pretty and I had none. 

They are much worn just now. Won box of correspondence cards at Elma’s grace B. had first – silk shirt. + Rae string garters. 

While I was at Elma’s Mose was here helping Elsie get movies ready + reels had to be spliced and wound and as a result they went off splendidly the next eve.

Mrs. Brooks was helping Aunt May + they called me out to dining room to tell them all about your trip and to know how Helen is. Pa Brooks was so [unreadable] and the girls were so surprised because you had looked so well. They all missed you so and certainly think a lot of you. 

Helen Stephens is miserable  – stomach trouble for two weeks and terrible cold that eve – just drooping. Elma, Grace + Mary Marg. had fierce colds. Grace has just one after another. 

Now for Sat. Elsie expected 4 tables - Sat. Mrs. Jadella called up – May has been no where yet and was unable to come altho she had accepted earlier in the week hoping to be able by Sat. 

Those present Billy, Dave, Emily, Mose, Bess, Ruth, Phil, [unreadable], Sue, Harry, Jack E., Miss Hanawalt. Jack E. had played soccer at Annapolis that day but turned from 69th St. in time to start play. But expected to be late. Miss H. called in P.M. that she could come but late. So i took her place (no hands) until she came. Mary Grace was to come with Pria’s but had [unreadable] that day + could not wear shoe so they came without her. Elsie + I sat out. 3 tables at last. Emily won first (Dennison box) 

Jack E won (2 [unreadable] - lovely)

Miss H won 2nd (2 [unreadable] - lovely)

Billy won 2nd ([unreadable])

Eats – fried oysters – [unreadable] - peas - celery - [unreadable] - pumpkin pie - coffee etc. Tom White then minus our dining room wall. They went off smoothly and are very good for first attempt, I think. The ones of truck - trip home are very good. Some of you are [unreadable] good, Helen. That is attributes etc. I could not get faus very well as they went off quickly and there is much to look for. 

It happened that Jack + Miriam had planned to come to N.V. for a treat that week-end and Elsie asked them to come over.  We were all [unreadable] up and di hope they would come but while we were eating refreshments Jack called up that they would not be able to make it. When phone rang long distances calling Jack Elsie said Jack Davis! You know earnest he is and some one had mentioned “Jack” so he thought we were hearing from you. He always asks so much for you – he is a peach. He has a pretty bad knee from [unreadable] water on the knee –but they must think ‘[unreadable symbol]’ is worth it to go on playing. His father hoped he would not play Sat. Mary is a hard game and Jack said they use different [unreadable] from Haverford – go for the man not the ball and they are such huskies from training and living. Haverford tied them tho and is an undefeated team for the year. 

The two Hermans went to the Yeadon local talent play. Gus [unreadable], the hero, a foundling from Orphanage who did not know who were his parents – can you beat it? Libby Moore tha heroine who sand to him but not [unreadable] Rose ! – Cross your heart + hope to die that I’m the apple of your eye. 

I’d better stop and get to work. Am making [unreadable] search for Crim. Pro. looked in Birh-O-Blah cases – thinking you might have dropped it in them, but no. 

I hope you get gold clubs and [unreadable] to play. That is a sport ou can always enjoy and without making a cripple of yourself. I am worried about Jack Evans tennis if he has bad knee – he was steel broke. Lots of love. 


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