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December 7, 1918.

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Dear Bess,

If I make this letter a long one I will go to sleep. Was on guard last night and did not sleep today. Standing guard on these cold rainy nights is no snap still I feel fortunate this time as I was off duty today while they loaded the train. For fear that I will be on the road tomorrow night I am writing early again.

Well Bess do not be disappointed at the direction we take on our next trip. It will be to the place we kind-o-hoped it wouldn’t be. No doubts it will be a very interesting trip though and we will be proud to say we we went, still I have enough of Europe and preer returning to the U.S. The time when I shall returns is indefinite as ever now. Do not plan on seeing me before late spring or summer. It looks now as tho I shall sit two years of service and get two service stripes. To the devil with the decoration for they are not to be worn on civilian clothing and that is what i hope to wear soon after I return to the U.S. There is lots of anxious waiting over here but sometimes I think that those whom we are so anxious to see are just as impatient as we. All we can do is take it easy and hope for the best.

There is no news as we are in the same place as when I wrote the last letter. Again I am giving my address as E.H. #4. It seems that I will be with them forever. Had I only known this all the time am sure that my mail would be coming better. Write me lots using that address. Really I hate to ask you to write more for I know you write lots and all I can say is keep up the good work.

Now the Victrola is playing again and it seems that every piece is one of my old favorites. Everything makes me think of that “sweet home” where I have spent so many pleasant hours. As I was coming up to the 7 tonite I was thinking I must have been doing a year ago tonite. I do not remember but am sure I was in Easton. My! The past year has been so long and still so short. We are getting to be old acquaintance aren’t we? I can look back on our past year with so much pleasure. It seemed as tho we were experimenting or something to see if we would really be true to each other and am sure that we both realize the experiment is a success. As for my part I think it a glorious one. Bess I have learned to love you much in fact I worship you. So often am I dreaming of the future when we shall see no more displeasures of being separated. I feel so confident that you are the one for me and my soul ambition is to be what you expect of me. Perhaps it was foolish to think of one person all of the time but what else can we do over here but think and plan for the future and I am happy to know that there is a companion whom I can be so confident of being the main factor in my future. I often recall our many “good byes” and it was during those experiences, both pleasant and unpleasant, when I realised just what a woman’s love meant. Since then I have looked up on it as something more sacred than I ever did before. Perhaps I was too young and frivolous before I met you. It seems strange that I wandered so far away from home before I met the one who could make me realize all of these things.

I have never tried to tell my people that I have really met the one for they have little confidence in my love affairs. All there is to do is let time show them. Of course all of this has been told to you before I do not approve of a girl being led too blindly. As it is I hope that I have acted the part of a [unreadable] and that you have no cause to doubt me. If I do not change this will turn out to be a regular love letter.

Stanley received lots of mail yesterday which contained several pictures of his mother and sisters. After seeing his sisters pictures I quickly agreed to live with him. He is still after me to stay with him and I have promised to for a while. Just how long this while will be depends on different conditions and circumstances. Isn’t it great how we build so many air castles when so many of them fall?

Am sleepy so I will bid you a fond goodnight with lots of hugs and kisses.

Sincerely yours,


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