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December 29, 1942.

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Hello Johnny

Sorry not to have written sooner. But you know how it is. With Christmas around you don't get a chance to do anything. Well its all over now and I'm rather glad. boy! What a Xmas not a single boy around. How did you spend yours? Alright I hope, even if you were away from home. I hope you enjoyed yourself a little.

Johnny I think it was very nice of you to call up and let us know you couldn't come, that weekend you were here. Although I would have loved to see you in your uniform. My sis Rose said you looked swell. But since you couldn't make it, we'll just have to wait till the next time, huh? I can understand how it was Johnny you really didn't have much time.

The other girls also understand why you couldn't make it. So please don't worry.

Did you have a nice time up today? I'll be it was fun being with all your friends again. And I'll be they were glad to see you too. Especially Charles, huh? He sent us all a Christmas card each and I think it was awfully sweet of him.

Gee Johnnie this is all I have to write so I'll close my letter because I have four other letters to answer.

So long + Good Luck,


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