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December 10, 1942.

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Hi John,

Well I promised to write and as you can see, that is what I am doing. has Bill left yet? Boy oh Boy! You should be here. We have food that is food. We go to bed at nine and get up at six. We are free from five thirty in the evening until six in the morning. There is no bed check and no passes. When we want to leave, all we do is just walk out of the building. We have drill for twenty minutes a day. That beats Brigintine doesn't it? Also the drill field is alongside our barracks. There are only about thirty men in this building. We walk about fifty feet to the cafeteria and another thing we don't have K.P. or guard duty. Now, don't you wish you were here? John, you ought to see the girls here. They really are perfect and plentiful. You ought to shine here. We are invited to a dance next week where there are five girls to every fellow. Invitations are already coming in for Christmas dinners. Almost all the boys here will get leave for Christmas i f they don't go over 250 miles away. That leaves me out though. Well, write and let know how everything goes.

Good Luck,

Harold Bauer

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