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December 29, 1931.

San Simon, Az.

Dec 29, 1931

Dear Alice

Well it will be a new year when you receive this and I remember the time we was to stand on New Years Day at Broad + Girard Avenue to see the Mummers parade. On the Pacific Coast just now from San Diago to Oregon the Ocean has been dreadful high, + angry + is travelling east. Just now the clouds hang low + a raging Kansas wind _ spits of snow. Never saw such cold weather since living in Arizona. We have lots of snow here, which I never saw at Marciopa in all the time I lived there, am sending you a good luck letter + be sure to send it east to someone who will send it again east. These people may have an education, but what good is that when there is no employment. So be sure to address it again. Would like to hear from or about Little Alice. Did she Marry or what.

Well, Good Wishes,

Sincerely Your Sister

Marcella R. Cole

Lucky Chain:

“Follow up as I do making 9 copies containing the names of people you wish to prosper. This chain was started by an american colonel and must circle the globe 15 times follow up with 24 hours DO not brake the chain as this would bring you mistfortune. The chain will bring you luck within 0 days after you mail your copies. Proof _- Mr. Archer of Victoria won $20.00 in 9 days after mailing his. Mr. Trust L. Ford won $60.00 in the international lottery ticket. Mr. Frances who broke the chain lost all his possession, have faith, follow up as I do writing your name on the last line and eliminating the first one in order that only 9 remain…”

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