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December 23, 1942.


215 Oak St. Nazareth, Pa

December 23

Hi Johnny:

Well here it is Monday evening and I just got finish with my school work.

How are you? Did you get back to camp alright -- I hope so?

We tried to get down to Bushkill Park Sunday night but as usual my brother wouldn't take us alone because he and Betty Jane (his girl) went to a movie. So as usual we sat down in our hangout with the juke box for company.

Did Santa Claus bring you every thing you wanted -- I really hope so, Margaret, Eleanor and I found some of our gifts and are satisfied so far. This Christmas and New Year we are again having Midnight shows and we are going -- I'm really sorry that you can't be home for Christmas, but I suppose you really won't mind it very much because there aren't many coming home for Christmas.

Thanks again for bringing us home Saturday night (I really mean Sunday morning), because I'd really hate to think of walking home, although my brother said he was back down for us about 2:00 A.M. now wasn't that nice of him.

I really don't know what else to write, I suppose Eleanor wrote to you... although I didn't see her at all today, but she told me she was going to write today (Monday).

Closing with Best of Luck.

Keep Em' Flying

Merry Christmas + A Happy New Year

I Remain


Answer Soon

I hope you like the perfume on the paper, it's my favorite -- remember you asked us to perfume our stationery.

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