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December 2, 1944.

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Dear Dot:

I have been intending to answer your letter for the last three days but somehow I couldn’t get around to it before.

I haven’t been to the studio very much lately, in fact until last week I hadn’t been there for about three weeks. I wasn’t going back but Marie called me ah work once afternoon so I went out and so naturally I keep going back.

Things there go on in pretty much the same old rush. She has a new girl now one I haven’t seen as yet. Marie said she used to teach at Westminster. The rest of of the hang are still the same so there really isn’t any dish to dig that you can imagine for yourself. Of course there are still the same old petty jealousies and mix up as always.

As for me, I go along pretty much in the same old groove. With one exception I quit working at the Jefferson yesterday. I guess I was a google to quit as the job was the easiest + the bosses just weren’t there but you know me, I don’t know a good thing when I have it. But I do have a chance to have a wonderful job with civil service, that is if I can make it. For twelve weeks I go to Rubicam School to learn typing and shorthand. I paid $130 a month for that in addition to my tuition then comes the catch. I go to Dayton Ohio to work oh $1440 a year. Of course this is all in the preliminary stages. I won’t start before the first of the year + maybe I won’t be luckie enough to get it at all.

That’s enough of that now for the ever present + ever interesting love life (anyway to me)?

My Sailor as I call him now (wonder where I picked that up you wouldn’t know of course) has been writing to me almost every day and sometimes 2 + 3 letters a day. He is supposed to be madly in love with me. He also sends me a very nice oil picture of himself, since 5x7 in france of brown leather. Oh, Boy now I have something to swoon over! He also sent me a pillow case, you know the standard sweetheart one trimmed with fringe. Do I remember his kisses? Oh could I forget them! Dot I have arrived at the conclusion that the Navy has something do you agree? What a question!

I’m still going with Willbur, the kid I told you about, but honestly I don’t know what to do about him, he’s getting too damn serious over me. He’s too young if you know what I mean even if he is older than I am.

As for my ex I got several letters from him, the last one saying he was looking for an appointment in Texas for us. I promptly wrote back + told him I was very flattered but not to bother to keep looking as I had enough of married bliss while he was home on furlough. I don’t know what his reaction was as I haven’t heard from him again, from the silence I gather he didn’t like it very much.

I don’t remember if I told you about the tall, dark + handsome Southerner who I met at the Hotel or not. He came up to the studio looking for me so I went downstairs + danced with him all evening. He was enough to make Marie swoon or at least so she said afterwards. Dammit Dorothy that place is dead without you, when you are coming back? By the way dear, you + I are going out together once while you are home for Xmas. Those are orders my dear. The last time you hit St. Louis I didn’t even get a glimpse of you , how ever I’ll overlook that as you had your sailor to keep you busy. But don’t let it happen again. By the way is your sailor coming with you? I want to meet him. Do you realize that about all I know about him is that he puts you out of the world with his kisses + is losing his hair? Seriously though I really want to meet him and I’ll never forgive you if you don’t let me meet Byron the first time you + he are in town together.

Well, kid, I guess I’ve rattled along too much as it is so I’ll sign off for now. Any way I must answer the 3 letters I got from Vernon yesterday. He is shopping out soon on a flag ship so maybe he’ll get to come back often or more so than if he were on another transport.

Be a good gal! Tell your Byron hello for me and write soon,



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