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December 17, 1919.

Bristow, Iowa Dec. 17, 1919

Mr. + Mrs. Uffe Lauterbach

Dear Brother + Sister: – I guess by the time you receive this letter it will be alright to address you thus, altho it’s several hrs. Too early now.

Am I sorry I can’t come today? “Sorry” isn’t enough said. I am disappointed to the lowest regions of my heart. You can compare my feelings to that of a child talking about a 4th of July celebration for 2 to 4 weeks before hand and wake up the morning of the 4th to see the rain falling and keep on raining all day long. Here’s one instance where it would be nice to live near Abington. I hope the rest can partake of the festival altho it looks somewhat doubtful this morning. But, above all, may you enjoy the day to your hearts’ content and not only this day but muay you have much sunshine thru out your married life.

WE indeed to get you a sewing rocker but it may be we won’t see you till next summer so we herewith inclose a check which you may apply to sewing rocker or anything else you may need. Please accept our best wishes which we send with it. Arius is going to Ryck’s place today or rather part way. Rycks will meet him. He is going to take a hog over there.

I intend to help Mrs. Keilman can meat tomorrow. Ella + Folkert liked it so well when they were here to pick corn that I guess Mrs. Kielman thinks she will put up some like I do.

Well, write soon and tell me all about your wedding day. I forget to tell Bess to take her kodak to take a few pictures for me. One of the wedding cake too. I have the prettiest little red geraniums blooming that would have looked so pretty in the wedding cake, but I mustn’t talk about it anymore or my heart will overflow thru the eyes. Arius said for you to come over a couple days. Can you come a day and go back the next if you have no more time? Please try to.

With love + best wishes,

Arius + Anna

And Meta.

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