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December 13, 1922.

Sunday afternoon

Dearest Jack,

Today we have had all sorts of weather – rain – snow - and now the sun is shining beautifully but the thermometer is registering lower and lower and I fancy we are in for some real winter.

Herman had his sled down on the hill this morning – the first real sledding of the season. It is pretty well gone now. 

Your letter and post cards were most welcome  - you tell me just what we want to know. Aunt Sue was pleased that you enjoyed your lunch. Am glad that you had your one meal in the diner - for the experience. 

I suppose some time this week you will be able to begin school. Do not hurry too much - I should think you would need a little rest going into the heat so suddenly. 

It will be nice [unreadable] if you can make enough school days in December to have some record for that month. It makes it so much easier if you can show something for each month. 

Herman made the highest in his class in geography this month – and I think now he could pass an examination on the typography of North Eastern and Central Florida. 

Our geography is called out at each but I news from you - so we know just where you have been. 

Our next interest is in your location for the winter. Tell us about your house-hunting. Did Mother W. stand the auto-trip well? Were the roads smooth? Were they brick roads? Were you on the “Dixie Highway”? We will likely have [unreadable] radio put in for Xmas. Warren Kimball is going to manage it for me - not a surprise for I think Herman will learn more by seeing it from the beginning. His will just receive Phila. But that is enough to start as they have a good bit of broadcasting. 

Will write often - for do so too. Love from all to all.

Your Mother 

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