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August 19, 1943.

Dear Honey,

I received your very short letter, you smort, I wrote eight page letters and you can’t even write four. I’m mad! Maybe you don’t have time, but you could at least write four. I bet it breaks your heart to write that many, I hope it didn’t because I wouldn’t want you going around without a heart.

I so glad to hear that you are coming home it will be good to see you. Those pictures you send me looks like you lost weight. Did you. When you come home your gain it all back. Your mother is glad that your coming home and your Grammother too.

So Jennie finally wrote and told you that she was going steady. Its about time don’t you think? I was talking to her and she ask me if I knew that you was coming home, and I said yes. She told me that she was going to get married in June. I’m glad to hear where I stand on your list. So it was Jenny all the time. You knew I don’t like playing second fiddle for nobody. Thats what I think, since Jenny out the way you turn to me. I hope that not true because if its Well!

Who’s the boy you took the picture with, you said that he was only 16 years old what is he doing in the army. Is he being discharge on account of his age. So hes a hip cat too. How does he dance, Youngstown style. Oh honey I forgot to tell you what happens Sun. night, for the first time since I been going dancing, I had a crowd around me. I was dancing with some boy and the first thing I knew there was a crowd. I’ll have to put that down to the black look.

In that picture you look so cute in the cowboy suit, you look real. You said that boy was better looking than he’s in the picture. I don’t care, you beat a mile. I haven’t found a job yet and I don’t intend to because I’m going back to school so I don’t have to work. That what Mom said, but after, if I don’t go out to work she’s going to kick me out. I don’t do anything with myself but loaf around in the day and on Sun. I go dancing at night. Youngstown the same only more soldiers around, the town full of them.

I saw Harry Sun. and did he get tan or shall I say black. I didn’t even notice him. He looks cute. But he’s the same old Harry. Well honey I’ll be closing up for now. Hope to see you soon. So-long for now and God Bless You.



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