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April 6, 1919.

Dear Mother

Haven’t had a letter from you in a long time, the mail seems awfully slow in coming. Have received a lot of papers lately but very few letters. I read in the paper the other day that ehy are raising an army of fifty thousand to send over here to relieve the “duration of war” men. I certainly hope they raise them soon. I never wanted to see old California so much in all my life as I do right now. These “furrier sorts” are getting awfully monotonous.

The weather is getting pretty decent now. Haven’t had any rain for about a week. That may sound silly to Californians but its really extraordinary for this country. We are going to have a big field day at Luxembourg City tomorrow. I don’t know yet whether I will go up or not. I am back in the ammunitions train again, just came back yesterday all of the men that were attached to the M.O.R.S. were sent back.

This company is equipped with the Nash guard trucks and its just as I heard one fellow say “The man who invented quad trucks ought to make one more truck and then die.” They’re alright when they are running right but of all the hundreds I’ve seen over here I’ve only seen about two that were running right.

Is Sarah still at the hospital? I haven’t heard from her in a long time. What is Charl doing now? Has anyone heard from Paul lately? I guess he will be back home soon if not already there.

Well Ma, there’s nothing I can think of to write so I will close. Write soon.


Wag. Walter Bushnell

Co. A. 5th Amm. Tn.



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