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April 4, 1943.

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Hello Ranny:

Well I finally got around to answering your letter. I am sorry to hear about Bob but I think he will like it as his camp in Texas. Johnny leaves Youngstown on the 20th of this month. By the time I get my furlough I won’t have anyone to go out with but I think Bea will still be there. When do you leave? Do you know for sure yet? I hope it ain’t too soon.

I saw that picture of you eight taken at Bob’s party. Why can’t you get along with Jenny? Mind me if you aren’t plenty mad when you get in army and don’t have any steady girl back home. She is going to find someone else and when you get ready to go steady she will probably be missed. How is everything holding together back there? Does Harry get enough gas to get around? Here for your stamp you get one and a half gallon of gas.

I am finished with Basic Training and am now a supplemental till I am shipped which I hope is soon. Here when you are a supplemental you do two things all the time, K.P. and Guard Duty. It isn’t the job so much as it is the long hours. I also have to write to Quinnie so he doesn’t know my address probably.

Well nothing unusual has happened since I last wrote. Bea sent me a box of Fanny Farmer chocolates and did go for them. I have been moved to a new hotel so our Flight could be all in one hotel instead of being split up into three. This hotel, Albemarle St. isn’t as nice by a long shot as the Wigwam was.

One fellow here deserted and one got as far as Georgia before he was picked up by M.Po. For a punishment he was docked a months pay, no pass for the remainder of his stay here in St. Petersburg and carry a pack for two weeks. So Ranny you see it doesn’t pay to start home without these furlough papers. Another thing is don’t gamble. We had a K.P. Friday night and got home at 4 o’clock Saturday morn. This fellow in our room lost $107.00 in three and one half hours shooting craps.

Well Ralph I wish you would think it over hard before you go into service about what I said between you and Jenny. I am saving my money and am going to get Bea a real engagement ring for her birthday. Don’t let it out but that is what I am going to do.

Well I want you to let me know when you are to leave and I will send my new address when I am shipped. Take care of yourself and say hello to Jenny next time you see her. Why can’t you be like Harry? Are you still drinking as heavy as ever? I hope for your own sake you quit.

So long and Good Luck,

Your Pal

Pvt. Mac

P.S. Don’t forget if you want to make a good soldier do as I said and you will make out ok.

Hello Mac

I guess you thought I was dead for no writing. So Johnny is leaving on the 20th, he went the same time I went for blood test. I haven’t heard anything about my leaving from the Draft board yet. But I heard there going to leave on May 6th from examination and I’m sure to go then. You know Bea will still be here for you. She sure is true to you, Mac, I wouldn’t worry about her.

Me and Jenny still go out together. I’m taking her to “Stan Kenton, but she goes out who ever she pleases and I’ve been doing the same. I’ve been dating Florence Naples lately and is she solid.

Harry gets enough gas alright, but his mother and him had another argument. So he can’t get the car anymore. He’s been getting a lot of T’stamps. I’ve been getting my Dad’s car once awhile, so he gives me some stamps.

Bea, told me about you meeting Bill Clifford out there. Will you give him my address so he can write to me. Send me some pictures of yourself, Harry and I took some in our zuit suits and when they’re developed I send you some.

As far as everything holding down its not so good everybody getting mad at their girlfriends and drives you crazy. But I am getting along swell.

I guess you know Creamy of Mory’s boyfriend is at the same place you are.

Bob Torbrow said he likes it but they’re sure marching him. He claims its 100 degrees in shade. I have him your address and below is his. So write to him.

Pvt. R.W. Torbrow

Co. A. 656 T.D. Bur.

Camp. Bowie Texas

Well, adios

Your Chum


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