• Flea Market Love Letters

April 21, 1934.

Men’s Horseback Riding

Dizci bácsi only won second prize, colonel Magoszázi snatched away the first prize from him. I wish he hadn’t ridden participated! Uncle Muhr won fourth and second prize. Uncle Muhr was the only one who fell off the horse which I laughed hard about. There were two obstacles, the horse was too fast and couldn’t clear the second obstacle, came to a sudden halt, Uncle Muhr slid off the horse. He picked himself up, jumped back onto the horseback like a cat and continued his ride. This all happened within one minute. Well, you can’t hold it against him, it was his fourth horse already. The poor man had to ride the fifth horse that same day, which won him the second prize. Uncle Schauereck jumped over the obstacle and looked back to see that he hadn’t failed (which he hadn’t) which from the platform looked very funny. Dizci bácsi won a box for cigarettes of which he already has seven, and Uncle Muhr won a silver trophy.

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