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April 17, 1922.


K, Dearest,

I hardly know how to thank U. for this Easter for it hadn’t been for U. I would certainly have been terribly blue. First the flowers came Fri. night and they are perfectly beautiful. I don’t know if U. specified any special kind of not but they sent hydrangeas and they were as pretty as they would have been if U. had been here to select them I think at any rate. They surely are goodlooking. I came in Fri. night in an awfully bad humor until then I saw the flowers and have felt better ever since. Then Sat. night here came a package from New York from 2346 Gleason Ave. K. really it was too much. I just love U. both for it cause in my innermost heart I felt that U. are more or les responsible for it. The cake had Easter eggs and a rabbit in it and we surely are enjoying it. We all went to town for our Easter dinner but we had the cake for supper and believe me it was so good.

Then the candy came this week too. It seems that I have a great deal to thank you U. for doesn’t it. Oh! But I do believe that I have thanked U. for it a but a second time doesn’t hurt. Does it I am sending U. some of our snapshots taken last Sunday. We took some more this afternoon and I will send U. some Wed.

Don’t think there is any more new just except I think I am boring U. more all the time.

Write soon to

Your Sweetheart

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