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Write More Letters: Year 1.

They say that a year flies when you're having fun. Thank you to each and every letter lover for their generous patronage of the Write More Letters Fundraiser to benefit Hope For The Warriors. In today's blog post we'll celebrate those who want to write more letters, talk a bit about how this fundraiser came to be, and how it works!

Letter Lovers!

Thank you to our friends around the world and in our hometown(s) for sporting their Write More Letters merch in Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Canada, and the United States -- including Pennsylvania, Arizona, California, and more! -- for your generous support of the Write More Letters Project.

Through the sale of these masks, mugs, tees, shirts -- and stickers! -- we've raised over $500 for U.S. Veterans via the charity Hope For The Warriors.

Thanks to friends of Flea Market: Stef, Sinead, Emma, and my partner Sam for helping make the Write More Letters Project possible. Thanks to my parents for managing the Flea Market Love Letters 'Write more Letters' Stickers H.Q. in the U.S.A. Thanks to every reader and letter lover who has ordered, shared, and spread the word about this fundraiser. Let's write more letters!

How WML Came to Be:

It was in September of 2020 that I was very kindly asked to guest on the fantastic podcast "What Should I Read Next" with the wonderful Anne Bogel. When our episode together "#250: I want a book that reads like a letter" aired, I was overwhelmed to see new readers discovering Flea Market Love Letters. New readers wrote in with stories about their family letters, "found" letters they had thrifted or discovered at flea markets, and more:

When one reader, Emily, go in touch I knew I had to do something with the new energy and enthusiasm of readers coming to the project:

And thus the Write More Letters Project in aid of Hope For The Warriors was born! Sam designed the logo which I shared to designs on Bonfire thanks to my friend Emma making my familiar with the platform. The 'Write More Letters' Project continues to raise funds for U.S. Veterans via Hope For The Warriors, a charity which helps Veterans and Military Families.

The mission statement of Hope For The Warriors is:

"We believe those touched by military service can succeed at home by restoring their sense of self, family, and hope. Nationally, Hope For The Warriors provides comprehensive support programs for service members, veterans, and military families that are focused on transition, health and wellness, peer engagement, and connections to community resources."

Donation F.A.Q:

100% of proceeds (called "profits" in the report generated by our store) from sales are donated and documentation of that donation will be made public and available for record.

Face Mask: $2 profit

Mugs: $6 profit

Baseball Tee: $7 profit

Unisex Tee: $7 profit

Tote Bag: $2 profit

Prefer the stickers? For every $5 that you donate directly to Hope For The Warriors we'll send you 3 Write more Letters stickers.

Just send a screenshot of your donation receipt and your address, we'll gladly do the rest.

Get in Touch.

Want to order your Write More Letters Stickers? Curious about the Write More Letters Project? Send us an email at

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