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28 for 28: Letter Writing Fundraiser for 'From Me To You'.

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Hello! Thanks for clicking in. My name is Liz Maguire and for my 28th birthday this November I am fundraising for charity. I'll be writing 28 letters -- one letter a day -- for the wonderful charity From Me To You. If you'd like to sponsor my fundraiser I would appreciate that from the very bottom of my letter loving heart.

Who are From Me To You?

From Me To You accepts donated letters and matches them with individuals experiencing the challenges of cancer. But to do this they need stamps! That's why I'm asking for donations via this page. Especially heading into the holiday season the demand for stamps will only increase so please consider donating to help bring a snail mail smile to someone who could really use it!

If you'd like to write along with me you can post your letters to:

Donate a Letter

P.O. Box 6033



What can I do?

Whether you've received one of the 125 Birthday postcards I've sent since January 2021 or not, please consider donating via this link. Please share this post with your friends to help spread the word so we can get the wonderful team at From Me To You plenty of stamps for their mission to spread kindness!

What are the rules?

A great question! The rules for the "28 in 28" fundraiser are:

  1. I will write one 1 page letter a day.

  2. I will follow the prompts outlined here (so that I can't blame writers block).

  3. If a day is missed, that's okay! But no more than two days in a row please...

  4. On November 11th, 2021 all 28 letters will be bundled up and posted to From Me To You!

From Me To You will then record the donation, read the letters, and post them to individuals! Hopefully, with some of the stamps fundraised thanks to your generosity.

What are the "prompts"?

If you'd like to join along in the letter writing, here are 28 prompts generously suggested by letter friends over on Twitter. If you pick any of the 28 for 28 prompts and do write a letter with me, you're very welcome to let me know. Send a DM or tag me in a post with the hashtag "#28lettersfor28". I hope you will!

That's all folks! Thanks for reading and sharing this fundraiser so we can do our best to get the lovely people of From Me To You the support that will help them make the holiday season brighter for so many! You can find me updating about this fundraiser on Twitter "@thelizmaguire" or on the Flea Market Love Letters Instagram.

Get in Touch.

Have a question about "28 for 28"? Or are you a letter lover looking to get involved? Send us an email:

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1 comentario

02 nov 2021

Love your writing prompts! I always find it hard to know what to write in my Me To You letters (and hence put it off) so these are great! Thanks :)

Me gusta
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