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Write More Letters Project: Year 2.

Did you blink and miss when the Write More Letters Project became a toddler? It seems like yesterday we were reflecting on the first year of the project. Now here we are celebrating the second! Time flies when you're writing letters.

Hope For The Warriors.

The Write More Letters project benefits Hope For The Warriors, which helps U.S. Veterans and Military Families with wish fulfillment, job placements, and so much more. Learn more about the charity, below:

The Write More Letters Project.

Through the sale of mugs, tees, totes, and hoodies we endeavor to give back to the community through such a fantastic organization. As an archive, we at Flea Market Love Letters believe in the power of the letter to bring folks together and make the world a smaller, friendlier and altogether lovelier place. Letters are a bit like magic. They allow you to hold and think of an individual in your heart and mind for however long and that tangibility of connection is priceless. Much like the work the volunteers and staff at Hope For The Warriors do for the veterans and families they help.

It always brings out a big smile when a supporter of the project shares a snap of their Write More Letters merch out and about in the wild!

Photo: Thanks to Liz & Holly for sharing their photo.

Flea Market Love Letters does not make a profit. It is our belief that while it is our responsibility to tell these stories and preserve these memories, they are not ours to profit from. That is why we are honored to support Hope For The Warriors.

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