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Books About Letters: "Marcel's Letters: A Font and the Search for One Man's Fate"

Hi all, it's Liz here! Today we're taking a look at Carolyn Porter's book "Marcel's Letters: A Font and the Search for One Man's Fate". This non-fiction book takes a look at lost letters, history, and family. Read on for my review of this book about letters.

Author Carolyn Porter found a handful of French vintage letters in a U.S. antique store over a decade ago. A Graphic Designer and font enthusiast, Porter selected her favorites and over the next several years those pieces of paper would take her to unexpected places. Are you hooked yet?

Don't just take my word for how exceptional this story -- and the woman behind it -- is. Carolyn herself gave a fantastic TedX talk on this story, here:

The "Book About Letters" Test: Absolutely!

If you've ever wondered about "lost" letters this is the book for you. Mystery fans, genealogy fans, history fans, and romantics etc. will find something to hold close to the heart in this fantastic story.

Reading Porter's book as a letter collector gave me goosebumps -- I can only recommend it ten times over for any one on their own letter journey. Whether you have family letters or have inherited (yes, even through antique stores or flea markets!) vintage letters and are drawn to the story they tell "Marcel's Letters" is going to strike a chord.

You can find and support Carolyn's work here on her site and chat with her on Twitter here. And for those who are interested, yes! You can even support her and Marcel by purchasing the font she designed and researched.

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