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September 7, 1932.

2371 W. Norwalk Ave.

Los Angeles, Calif.


Dear Margaret:

I do not know just when I wrote you. I do know that it seems ages since I have heard from you.

I have thot of you I am sure everyday. I am so thankful that we can visit in spirit. The Depression made any hope of a Cross Continent Tour perish on the instant. I have a vague hope that I persist in nursing, that I may come again but my hope seems to vanish too often. I can only trust, and take one step forward. I hope you have not lost because of the conditions existing. I have very much. But I am thankful that all is well with us in spite of disappointments. I hope is well with you. The boys are fortunate to have positions. Neither has what he hoped for, but as soon as times are normal they will be in line for better things. Helene has a very promising outlook with the Standard Oil Co. as Chemist – as soon as conditions improve. I do hope Fred can get a position in So. Cal. He is in Rockford, Ill. I haven’t seen him for almost three years! He is House-sick I can tell by his letters, but is really enjoying his work + he is in a lovely home-surroundings.

I have had to take over a property that I had sold, so I have heavy obligations now that demand my constant attention. I did so want to to Euq. to sled this year – alas! Alack! I must work to keep up taxes + assessments. It takes my energy to have to be anxious about business affairs. I have come home for the summer, + I am deciding to stay here. I shall rent one or two rooms.

My drive to school will be twelve miles – a long way, but I have a little Heepmobile that will be a pleasure to drive. It is so pleasant to be at home. THe Hotel life was interesting if one has time for it I was there only to sleep + change my clothes. I’d rather sleep here where the air is full of ozone.

We all alive met the olympiad. It is very interesting, but I do not go often. I have taken in the Pageants and Receptions, but the Athlete events do not attract me. The crowds are terrific!

I expect the children will want me to with them to see the Equestrian sports – next Sa.t – maybe I will – I have not had much [unreadable] this summer.

Last night I gave a Program out one of the Olympiad events. Usually I would have been thrilled instead I forced myself to do it. I [unreadable] I did it for money + not for love of all.

How is Gertrude? I do not have her address. Will you send it me? I want to write her. I do hope she is not miserable. Have you seen Lena recently? I have not heard from them for some time. GIve my best regards to them. How I would love to see you all.

I had a nice letter from Maragaret – Frank’s wife – was so thankful to hear from them.

A mocking bird is singing lustily in my harden. The flowers are beautiful now + the gifs are just beginning to be ripe. I came home to loaded peach + plum trees + te children and I canned + farmed for two days!

Richard is a dear. He is very intelligent + so is [unreadable]. My brother is Chos. + Jacquie are well and happy. Helen has two lovely boys. One is in High School.

I am taking courses in the [unreadable] – towards a Master’s Degree. It is a great pleasure.

I hope you will write soon. I love over our visit together. WIsh you were here write me now. Tell me about you with the W.C.J.U. I do hope we can find some way to save the 18th Amendment.

Remember me to all who are kind enough to remember me.

I hope you will be able to write soon, and I do hope you are well and happy.

Write all best wishes and love


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