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September 6, 1938.

Updated: May 2, 2022

Dearest --

Here I am again. Well we arrived safely and things went five today. (They aren’t going so well right now though, this darn pen of yours)

You will find my address on the back of the envelope as I don’t know it as yet. We haven’t eaten yet. The palace where we are staying is quite nice (a bathroom for a change) and the man is a school teachers. Ken + I have a room adjoining Vernies.

Tough news, I think this job will last all next week.

Well sweety, did you do all the things today that I had planned for you? What about the insurance policy? Eh, did you get your permanent? I’ll bet you will look pretty for me when I get home.

We are going in to Frederic tonight and leave in a little, “Alexander is Rag Time Bound” is playing in there tonight. Vernie would like to see it but Ken and I don’t feel like going again so soon after we saw it.

(Vernie just told Ken a dirty joke. Did you hear them laugh?)

Sh!!! We are having friend ham for supper. I wish you were here to help enjoy it. The lady had nerve enough to ask us if we liked fried ham!

Well honey, I’ll close until tomorrow nite, and may be I’ll have more to tell you then. Until then.

My Love-

Always -


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