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August 5, 1939.

My dearest --

I’ve just been copying some words to songs from Johnny’s song sheet. I copied “If I Didn’t Care”, “The Lamp Is Low”, and “Marie” - so I thought I’d write to you now. You see this letter should have been written last night according to the way I’d been writing but I’ve found out that it wouldn’t go out before 2:15 -- no matter when it’s written so from now on I guess I’ll write in the morning since I’m so rushed in the evening. Ha ha.

My tummy doesn’t feel so good this morning -- for real. I got company about 6:15. I don’t mind it as much as I thought I would. To tell the truth I dreaded it to a certain extend because I didn’t know what might happen. You know last time. Yesterday I felt tired so I didn't do much -- oh, we played bridge off and on, of course.

Yesterday I got a letter from you and one from your Daddy and Mother with a lovely handkerchief enclosed. I was so very, very glad to hear from them. And I think it is the nicest thought and gesture to send a handkerchief with a card or a letter. And I just up and used that one right away.

Darling, you can soon just take a towel, soap and wash cloth up to the house and take you a shower as soon as you are finished working. How about it?

I think it’s so well that Bill has so much confidence in your ability as a decorator, aren’t you? What does Daddy Roth say? When you do more of the decorating does that give him more time to work on his pictures or does he still have just so much? It’s a shame that he can’t break in where when he would have to do nothing but fine art, don’t you? He’d love it and deserves to work at that ort of thing more.

Today’s letter won’t be such a big one since I’ll see you tomorrow. Just think -- tomorrow! This is just like you are my boyfriend again -- what with bringing me candy and presents. Oh, I know you said I wouldn’t get any this week but that’s alright I still have some from last week. I didn’t have as much of the appetite for it this week. MaybeI just tried to stretch it so I’d have some next week too.

I’ll be looking for your sweet self tomorrow. Be careful and don’t drive too fast -- just start earlier. Ha ha. -- All my love,


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