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September 23, 1912.

Darling Harriet: -

Dear girlie I was so glad to get your letter this morning, Itis the first real letter I have had, I suppose you will say the same of me but I am going to try and write you a letter now.

Dear Girlie I am very sorry that you caught cold but I will try not to worry for I know you will try and take good care of your Dear self, for me. Darling how I wish I was there to take care of you.

Why dear hadn’t you ought to tell me that you are lonesome, dear isn’t that part of the promise, you said, “you would tell me just how you felt,” isn’t that part of how you feel. O Dear One my heart yearns for you so, it seems that my lonesomeness must be more than yours, here where your dear presence has been, Darling every thing speakes of you and every one askes me if I am not lonesome. O Dear how different things would be if you were only here how happy I would be, dear don’t think I am not happy now for the thought that you are so wholly mine makes my heart thrill with so great a happiness, o dear one I love you so.

Sweetheart because I write thus of my lonesomeness do not think, that I think you re not lonesome, because I know hatty that you want your Boykins as bad as he wants his Girlie.

Dear I do not know what I can do at thanksgiving, but my own if I can possibly come you know nothing could keep me away, dear I am going to try and come you know what that means, tell Etta that I thank her very much for her kind invitation and that I will surely try and come.

My own dear sweetheart I most stop now. O Love how I wish I could be with you if you only just for a little while.

Goodnight Love and don’t forget how much your boykins loves you, his all, dear you are every thing to me what would I do if something should happen to.

With my whole heart and Soul I am your own Boykins


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