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November 1914.

My Dearest Boy,

Poor old Honey I know you and such a busy Manie, now days, but just the same I am going to ask you to do one more thing for your Sweetheart. Cause I think perhaps you can squeeze it in somewhere. I am inclosing an order for $1.50 and when you go down to see about flowers Mother wants to know if you will get some yellow jonquils and ferns. Be very insistent on late of ferns for she must have them to decorate the tables. Perhaps you can get two or three dozen jonquils, but if there are none there get pink and white carnations and ferns. You see Honey the jonquil is my class flower and Clio flower.

Lover, I know you are just working night and day and I wish you could come to me every night and let me help you. But when I do get there we will both be so tired every night.

I am so tired right this minute that I would like to steal into your arms and go to sleep. But as it is I can’t get to sleep until so late and I get up tired every morning.

I got a letter from Uncle John that I shall enclose so you will surely see it for I fear I shall not remember but you when you do come.

Say Duffy is going to snap a picture of you as you get off the train. So if you will remember to get off the back end it will avoid the crush, and I want it to put in my book afterward. So be a nice old Honey and pass sweetly.

Then on the way home from the C. House you ought to stop in at Finch’s for a few moments and till them to be here at 7:30 sure. For we shall have to hurry to get to the passengers.

I have thought of so many things to remind you of and now when I come to tell it all I can think of is that I want you lover, and I want you so badly that it seems as though I couldn’t wait for that first hug and kiss I am going to get. Cause I know that will be next sweetheart to the first one you give your wife.

Say Honey, if you possible can, hadn’t you better go to the florists Wed. morning and get the flowers fresh, go to Parkers and get them strapped and put them on the train yourself so you are sure they will be here on Wednesday? Of course you may have better arrangements. But sometimes they slip a brain which would be fatal in this case.

You Honey Boy, do you know that week from today there won’t be ever happier people to be found?

Honey, I must stop and it is a good thing cause I couldn’t write a decently connected letter if I tried. But I love you, love you, love you.

I’ll send another note to So. St. Paul to reach you before you leave to kind of cheer you up. But never mind it will all be over before you have time to think and when you will be so happy you won’t regret it for a few days anyway.

Boy Dear, I’ll try to be good to you.

Never mind a trunk for I shall pack a box of bedding, etc. and my trunk will stand the strain of the rest.

You old Dear, I hope you get every thing done and are not all tired out when you get here. But you can sleep going back on the train for there won’t be anything to worry about then, for I shall be with you and pretty tired myself.

Goodnight my Precious, until five more days have passed and I shall be perfectly happy.

Your Own,

Harriet McAllister

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