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September 16, 1913.

My Dear Wifey,

I suppose you think I didn’t make a very good start, but Dearie I helped Louis last night until after 11 o’clock and I was so dead tired I couldn’t write. I don’t feel very much better now and it is getting late. I have been up to the bank getting my stuff to-gether so I can leave then.

Oh my own if my heart ever ached it did when you left town, oh sweetheart it just felt as tho it was being cut in two.

Oh Darling how I long for you I just can’t cheer up. Mamma was telling me that I was getting home sick. Oh sweetheart if she only knew how awful awful home sick I was, for our own little home.

It just seems that I can’t stand it away from you any longer. Oh Darling if I didn’t think it best I would not go to the Sheldon I would come straight to the City.

Oh sweetheart I did so want a car or note from you to day, Dearest, how are you do you feel better, or are you so sick you can’t write. Or didn’t you get there, I would give a good deal to know just how you re this very minute.

Oh my dear girlie hon I love you. I love you more and more every day.

Dear I know this is short but my eyes ache and I am so tired that I must stop.

Feel these good night kisses dear girl with a whole heart of love for you. And M ---- Girl I hope so, that you are feeling better.

Goodnight my Precious Girlie,

Your love lonesome

D. --- Boy Geo

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