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September 14, 1938

My Dearest --

I have so much to write about our trip I don’t know where to start -- so I’ll start at the beginning first of all I’ll tell you about Monday. Nobody bowled. I went to the Dentists and never spent a more upsetting hour and a half in my life. He only filled two teeth -- the other wisdom tooth and the double touch next the eyetooth on the same side. Every time he’d grind I thought I go mad. He said he couldn’t understand that I minded it so much when they weren’t as big as the others. He was very patient and very easy with me, tho. Then I went over to Mother’s (George and Mr. G cause for me) and every now and then an awful pain shot up the the one tooth nearest the front. Mother said to call him and ask what to do. (If you remember -- on Sunday I said every time my heels hit the side walk I could feel it in that tooth.) Well, he said he couldn’t understand it because it wasn’t dry enough to cause any trouble itself. I told him about Sunday and he said it sounded like a slight sinus infection and to take some aspirin or whatever I was accustomed to taking -- and also gave me his phone “at home” -- in case it kept hurting. I took four aspirin tablets before I got relief. So much for the tooth situation! After supper we all went to Gettysburg to see the new Peace Memorial -- you know -- The Torch. I took for granted The Thing was electric but it isn’t -- it’s fas. And is that ever a torch. Then we stopped at the Cross Keys Diner for something to drink and then home. They told me to be ready be seven o’clock yesterday morning to go to Reading. I set the alarm for 6:30 ) and didn’t turn the clock ahead either) and got up as soon as the thing went off. I dressed and was all ready by seven sharp. Well, I waited and waited and waited. And they never came till after eight o’clock. We went to Harrisburg first to show the folks The Capitol. Then went on to Reading. It was much farther that way than by Lancaster. The way we went was 83 miles and the way we came back was 60. The show was at The Berkshire Hotel, which, I think is The Hotel of Reading. We attended the classes while Francis, George, and Mr. G inspected the City. About 1 o’clock we all met and went for lunch. Of course we didn’t know where to go so we just cruised around and finally decided The Crystal Restaurant would do since I had spied a sign saying “Free Parking Service to Customers”. (There is parking difficulty there, too) The attendant took the car to a garage and gave George the ticket for it while we went on in the restaurant. And was it ever a big place! They had big bouquets of gladioli on each table and a pitcher or jug like the one you bought me -- each one a different color. The place looks like a flower garden. The head man asked how many we were in our party and I told him and he proceeded to put two tables together and arrange them for us. Then the sweetest waitress took charge of us I ever seen. We all raved about her. Besides having an extraordinary personality she was lovely to look at in a natural sort of way. She used make up but used it very discreetly. Well, to get back to food, I ordered roast pork, home baked beans, french fried potatoes, cole slaw and coffee -- no I ordered ice tea. And I never ate a better meal in my life for 40 or 45 cents (I’m not sure which) and we had a choice of any kind of bread or rolls so we all ordered rolls and as soon as our plate of rolls was eaten she brought more. Mr. G ordered a sizzling ham steak and what went with it and I never tasted such good ham in my life -- it fairly melted in your mouth (He let me taste it) and the piece was large and without bone or fat. He said he never ate such good ham in his life. That was 60 cents. When we finished eating we decided to go to the Fair. Well, I didn’t want to go to the fair so I said if no one minded I’d just go to a show and meet them at the Hotel later.

It finally turned out that Dolly and Francis didn’t want to go to the Fair either but they wanted to see “Boy’s Town” which I had already seen so I went to see “Four’s a Crowd” with Errol Flynn. Then I nosed around the streets and stores and finally, after getting a glass of root beer, I made my way back to the Hotel. Mother had just come back too and I couldn’t figure out why she was there so soon. Here she didn’t go to the Fair either but went shopping instead. I got a kick out of her. She had the time of her life all by herself. She bought a hat and a dress and got herself a manicure and when she got tired she called a taxi to take her back to the hotel. She had a swell time. We left Reading about 8:30 or 9 o’clock and came home by Lancaster. There we stopped at the German Village for supper. There was a girl playing the Organ but she didn’t have “Chloe” and she couldn’t play it without the music. That was the only disappointment of the whole day.

I got in the apartment at exactly 12 o’clock. Reading is really a city. Its population is approximately 112,000. I know you’d have enjoyed it and I was wishing you were along with me. Maybe we go sometime by ourselves?

The fellow selling the “Inquirer” came back Monday and I ordered it and got my clock this morning. It isn’t bad -- for nothing. George left this morning and is starting for Detroit this afternoon and will be back home by Monday. I think Gray’s are leaving in the morning. Didn’t I write a bushel? I was so glad to get a letter yesterday and today. You won’t get but one I guess. But I was too tired last night to write. You understand? But this big one takes the place of 3 maybe even 4 -- huh? Love from your own, Nonie

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