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September 11, 1912.

My Darling Harriet: --

Dear girlige three nights gone and yet not a word from you, Dear I thought sure I would hear last night but when I did not I thought you were to tired to write, but when I did not hear to-night I am afraid there is something else wrong, Oh sweetheart how I hope you are not sick.

I was down to the fair grounds to-night and things look like there was going to be something doing there soon, there are two merry-go-rounds and the grounds are just covered with tents and buildings.

I am going to sell tickets Friday and earn two dollars, Gee that will look good to me. Oh my darling Wifey how I wish I knew how you were to-night. With Oh so much Love and so many kisses I am your lonesome Boykins,

Geo Fiskman

Goodnight my Dear Dear Sweetheart


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