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Romantic Quotes from the Letters: "You are before me every minute..."

Happy Valentine's Day from Flea Market Love Letters H.Q. ! Readers of the archive will know that the "Love" in our title refers to all kinds -- but it being February 14th we thought we'd select a handful of soppy quotes to make you "aw" that might inspire you to read a series of letters (or two, or three!).

"Bess, I am lonesome for you.": May 1919

In this letter from May 19, 1919, Jess writes to his girlfriend Bess:

"...I last kissed you goodbye.": August 1940

In this letter from August 2, 1940 Katherine Gay's beau Jimmy writes her:

"You are before me every minute...": April 1942

In this letter from April 17, 1942 Jack writes to his sweetheart Betty:

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