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Postcards from Ireland.

It being St. Patrick's Day we at Flea Market H.Q. thought it would be the right time to dust off some of our favorite Irish postcards! We've pulled together a selection of Irish themed postcards from the archive, some sent, and some "brand" new. Check out how folks have been celebrating the Feast Day of Ireland's Patron Saint for at least one hundred years!

St. Patrick's Day, 1907:

This colorful card came from an antique store in Dublin City Centre. A young woman sits in a field, surrounded by iconic Irish imagery: a thatched cottage, the stone walls of the West, and Celtic ruins in the background. A friendly neighbor leans over the wall to wish her a Happy St. Patrick's Day with the greeting:

"The Shamrock still grows in the Isle of the West for all other countries Old Ireland's the best." L.M. Kay

On the reverse we can see that this card was sent to Miss A. Freeman living in County Dublin!

"Hoping all well be sure and write soon all well in Port Yrs Mc."

Lots of Love for Killarney:

This next beauty comes to the archive as a generous donation. The Harp is one of Ireland's national symbols (as well as the Shamrock). Here we see a golden, angelic Harp framing a bucolic Irish countryside scene. In the corner it reads:

"By Killarney's lakes and fells Emerald Isles and winding bays Mountain paths and woodland dells Memory ever fondly strays."

While the first postcard was sent to someone in Ireland, this 1912 card was someone in Ohio! It leaves one to wonder how the sender, "Dora K." came into possession of such a fine example of early 20th Century Celtic stationery. In her note to Miss Grace Roben of Dayton, Ohio Dora writes:

"Dear Grace Received your card and stating to Sunday it would quite likely been with you like it was with me none left for me till they were all pared off I was with out any. It seems like always that way. Dora K."

Perhaps Grace and Dora were discussing their recent experiences at a dance? We'll never know but we'll always wonder.

'Visit Killarney':

This phenomenal 20th Century postcard book was on Ebay for under $5. Printed in Ireland by "Valentine & Sons LTD." when I saw this treasure I knew it had to be in the archive! Scroll down to see the glorious scenes of Killarney depicted in rich color.

You could send any of these vintage postcards today and the sentiment of beautiful Ireland would remain the same!

'Here & Now: Dublin, Ireland'

As some of you may be aware, Flea Market Love Letters has been based out of Ireland since the summer of 2018. In the summer of 2020 we took a trio of vintage Irish postcards back to the spots they depicted decades after they'd been sent. You can read about that experience here.

Get in Touch.

Something here strike your interest? Have a letter story you'd like to share? Write to us at today! Otherwise, a Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and yours.

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