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October 5, 1913.

My Darling Girlie

Yes Dear you may come in. Oh! I though you were out side my door. How I wish you were. I am in the room at the head of the stairs, all alone in the house your Father + Mother are out showing off the place.

Oh sweetheart dear I can’t stand it any longer with out you. If you were only here.

Fannie (the dog) the gun and I just came back from a tramp around the place, were looking for an owl that we have seen a number of times and some rabbits we didn’t see the owl but we did our rabbit.

Lonesome! Blue! This is one of my off days. Oh my own how I just hche to have you in my arms and keep you there, it just seems as tho, I were (and I soon will) get you in my arms again I could never let you go.

I went to Church this A.M. and Mr. Finch sang “Let Us Pray”. I looked right down on to your Clio. pin and as I look I was looking right at your face, into your love hungry eyes.

And as I walked home from church I looked at it a number of more times to see if I couldn’t see your face again but dear it wouldn’t come back like it did in church, so I fell to thinking and I thought this whole summer over again, our week at the lake and our days at home, oh sweetheart how i wish we had our own little home. Dear I can’t see what I am writing so will you wait until I get a light. Alright my Sweet Girl I am ready to talk to you some more for you know Dear I can’t talk to you on paper without light. My very own this talking to you must have cheered me up for guess what I start to whistle when I went down to get the light? The hour that gave me you and just now as I wrote that down, I thought which hour did really give you me. Was it the one at Lake Benton or one before that or was it one after that? I supposed tho that the song means the hour of the wedding, but no as I sing over the hours it means the engagement.

Just got back from supper, and popping Duffy some corn.

As I was saying Dear I fell to thinking of this summer, of my own Dear Darling M - Girl. How much of you are all mine and how I love you. Oh Darling I have longed and ached so for you to day.

Your mother just got through baking bread. I should think she would be so dead tired that she couldn’t stand it. She has been working hard all the time I have been out there. Friday we made 225 Gal. cider, and yesterday we made 200 Gal. cider, and she worked hard all day and then she had to get our meals and do up the dishes. If I’d have been her I wouldn’t have washed any supper dishes.

As for myself I usually am all tired out at night but I wake up feeling fine. I feel lots better dear, I think I will be throu here about Wednesday or Thursday and in that case I will go to Sheldon Friday or Monday. I will let you know in a day or so, I am going to try to do a letter from now on my darling. They may only be notes but sweetheart they will be words from me.

Darling I was very sorry to hear that you were so sick but I was glad to hear that you were all right again.

Oh Darling how I long to have you so I can take care of my M --- Girl when she has those fainting spells. Would it be help if soon I could take care of you on my own or hold you in my arms or be with you? Oh Sweetheart just think what you are to me, my own you must care whether you live or die. If you died what would become of me, oh darling I love you so, just think dear when you get that way how I love and how long to to be there to help you if i can, and take care of you.

You had on your card dress. “I wanted to have you near while I was sick but not for me this time.” I don’t know just what you mean dear won’t you please tell me? Why didn’t you want me near for you (yourself)? Darling who did you me near for?

Oh Darling take the care I want you to take of yourself or the care I would take of you if I had you.

My Dear I must stop now for its past my bed time. Oh my own just feel these many Goodnight kisses and oh hon much loved you.

Goodnight my M-- Girl.

Your D - - B -- Geo

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