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October 26, 1918.

Dearest Papa and Mama received your most welcome letter to day.

Was glad to know that you all were well. I am well and feeling fine.

Haven’t heard from Rex for some time. I thought maybe he was sick but am glad that he is better now.

We are still under quarantine on account of the Influenca.

It has been pretty bad here but it is getting better now. I am still working in the Sick Bay. Don’t know for how long, but don’t think it will be long.

Papa it was to bad about you getting your hay wet. I am signed up for a shop don’t know wether I will make it or not hope I will for I am anxious to get out to sea. I would like to come home on a furlow but don’t think there is much of a chance now.

It was certainly bad about Poppy Means a dying. And also Fay Fore. I answered Myrtles letter. She is wanting some of my pictures I don’t know what they want with them for I don’t see nothing extra about them.

But will send some of them ot her. I guess you all think I am not going to send any of my pictures home btu I will as quick as I can go a shore. I am a Fireman and like it fine. All I haste is that I haven’t got to go out yet.

Papa you can do what you think best with my horse. Altho I may need him one day but not now.

Tell Veda and Zelma hello and to write and to be good little girls.

Well I must ring off for this time as I don’t know my news now.

Well go by till next time.

Your loving Son, by by

Alfred N. Green

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