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January 10, 1919.

Dearest Mama - Papa and Sisters

Will write you a few lines to let you know that I am getting a long nicely and hope this will find you all well and enjoying life.

My hand is getting along pretty good now but seems like it healing up awful slow. It is all I can do to write now and got to hold my pen between [unreadable].

-- how is every thing going along there now just fine I guess this camp is shore a pretty place it is write in a park, the ship I was on left yesterday evening to go back south. Wish I was still on it guess I will get back on it when it gets back here. They don’t intend to be gone long this time.

Got a letter from Rex yesterday he said he thought he would be home by the 15th.

Rex said that Foy Dill and some of the boys were already home. I bet they were shore tickled to get back.

Well I wish I were back there to. I don’t know when I will get out altho I have put in for a discharge.


...and send me up here. It shore did make me mad but I guess it was the best for me for I had some hand on me.

Will send some of my picture be shore and get them.

Why don’t you all answer my letter I wrote you all a letter a few days after I got here. Tell Veda she will hater wate till I get out of the hospital before I get send her that blouse.

Would have sent it sooner but haven’t had no chance.

You know I didn’t know that the waves did get so big as they do get. You would haft to look strate up to see the top of some of them ever now and then and would come over the bow.


Well I must close hoping to hear from you all soon. As ever your youngest son, A.N. Green

Balboa Park

San Dago.

Hospital Calif.

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