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October 24, 1912.

My Dear Darling Girlie:

One week and four days since I heard from you and still no word.

I got up this morning with an awful headache and I can now hardly hold up my head. Oh, Darling I have been so awful awful lonesome today and it has not helped my headache any and to night when I did not hear from you I thought I couldn’t stand and for a little while I didn’t.

Oh Darling how I especially wanted to hear from you to day. This lonesomeness is getting the best of me.

I try hard not to let it but I can’t help myself.

Oh if I could just get a note from you how it would cheer me. My own what was the matter Sunday that you couldn’t write just a note to your lonesome Boykins.

I have been working every night until 11 + 11.30 and I ought to be working to night but I am not able.

But if I go right to Bed I think I will be alright in the morning for it is early now and I can feta good nights sleep. Oh if I could only sleep. Since Monday night I haven’t slept hardly at all I keep thinking of what might have happened to you that you don’t write, or why you don’t.

Oh if I could only ease this heartaching lonesomeness.

My own dear Girlie my headaches so I must stop.

Dear sweetheart write me just a note to cheer your lonesome Boykins.

Goodnight my own. If you could only feel how my heart aches for you. Dear Harriet. Your Lonesome, Geo

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